VPS Hosting

WebAngel offers you Xen-Powered Virtual Private Servers.

You save time in deploying IT solutions as we have also vast range of turn-key applications that can be pre-installed on your virtual machine.

Webangel offers full range of Virtual Server Services for Small and Medium Enterprises. Our Virtual servers utilise Xen Virtualization software. Owning a virtual server allows you to immediately scale up whenever you have the need for additional resources and you don't have to worry about hardware, we will take care of it for you. Your part is only to benefit from using our virtual server.

Micro 64MB 50GB 2GB Basic 128MB 100GB 5GB Starter 256MB 200GB 10GB Essential 512MB 400GB 20GB Standard 768MB 600GB 30GB
Business 1024MB 800GB 40GB Business Pro 1536MB 1200GB 60GB Enterprise 2048MB 1600GB 80GB Corporate 3072MB 2400GB 120GB